The Robotics curriculum empowers students with valuable knowledge and skills in areas such as computer design, 3D printing and programming. ... The reason is that engineers develop valuable analytical skills and a systematic method for solving problems and developing solutions.

  • It is becoming more and more evident that robots will play a big role in our future. In our unique Robotics program there are over six levels . Where students learn how to create, build and programe robots using mBot, Ranger's and Ultimate kits.
    We also teach how communication works using two or more mBots or Rangers.

  • During the 14 hr of traning your Child will learn :
  • Robot Anotomy.
  • M-BOT Assembly.
  • Advance Scratch Programming.
  • On-Board LED's Programming.
  • Controlloing mBot with Bluetooth
  • Introduction to Sensors.
  • Working with Sensors.
  • Servo Motor.
  • Overview,Construction of Ranger.
  • About Nervous Bird and its Construction,Gyroscope,etc.
  • We conducting our program at our office and at diffrent schools. e.g. MET,JML,Manikji,etc.
  • Fee is ranging from Rs. 5000/- to Rs 7000/- depending upon location.

Click here to Download Scratch Application