Drone Workshop

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, are aircrafts that can be navigated without a human pilot on board the aerial vehicle. Some of these drones are equipped with cameras that allow the user to record and take pictures using controlled navigation.

Drone Workshop for 5th std and above

  • Drones are an increasingly common technology and hobby. This drone training course will guide you through the main components and parts found in a drone, and show you how drones are built and prepared for flight. The course will introduce you to the common acronyms related to drones as well as flight terms such as roll, pitch, yaw, and throttle. This will serve as a great introduction to a hobby that is fast growing in popularity worldwide.
  • Our unique drone workshop is for the Age group 10+
  • We teach our students about history of drone, different categories of drone,how to control the drone,working of drone, programming of the Drones, etc.
  • Introduction of drones.
  • Assembly of drone.
  • Features of controller.
  • Introduction to progrmming.
  • Introduction to C / C++ and Drone programming.
  • Our Drone Workshop is 3-5 days classes.
  • We conducting our workshop at our office and at diffrent schools. e.g. MET,JML,Manikji,etc.
  • Fee is Rs. 5000/-. If you buy the drone the fees are Rs.9500/-.

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