“Life is about creating yourself and we are doing so.”


EMPOWERING KIDS TO BECOME MAKERS because experimenting with robotics and electronics helps kids develop problem solving skills and creativity.

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Scratch Programming Scratch Programming

Robotron was established in under the guidance of Mr. Janak Shukla . Robotron is active in fields like robotics. Robotron was founded in with the sole aim & purpose to convey practical knowledge in the field of Robotics which is one of the most emerging fields in India and all over the world.

Robortonis an education initiative with a vision to nurture the curiosity, inquisitiveness, and intuition of students. To this end we have created a dynamic and engaging learning environment by coupling the best technology Welcome to the virtual world & definite information platform of an Innovative Robotics Training provider in India. Our Robot kits, training methodologies and end-user services are pioneering and unique. All of it has been much appreciated by students who have been trained by us, as well as parents and teachers.

We undertake Robotics workshops & courses in schools and colleges; we design & manufacture Robot kits specially customised for our training sessions and sports club. We also have a Research and Development (RnD) department for fuelling innovation in this field.

Let us walk into the future together... Let us build Robots !!

Scratch Programming Scratch Programming

At Robotron, we all work hard to provide you and your kids the necessary inspiration to start young. ‘Learning by doing’ is what has to be followed and we are after it.

Our mission is to impart STEM (Science|Technology|Engineering|Mathematics) knowledge to young minds. Here, we are trying to develop a problem solving mind and give a push to their creativity.

In this era of dynamic education, starting young will provide your kid an edge over others as they will be familiar with the concepts of programming, electronics, etc. with the necessary factor of having FUN. Learning is only achieved when you’re having fun doing it. If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to introduce a new way of learning start with us today.

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